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Securing funding is an essential step on the way to making your company a floating boat in the rough market. In this session we invite business angels, investors and VCs to discuss how green entrepreneurs should go ahead to getting them onboard.


This business bootcamp is part of Oslo Innovation Week 2017 and is organized by OREEC/Green Capital and Climate-KIC. The event is for green SMEs in the go-to-market-phase; having secured the right team, the right business concept – now seizing to land the right, competent capital.


NB! OREEC-companies gets 30% off; use the discount code oreecdiscount when purchasing your ticket. Due to limited seats, we advise you to secure your seat quickly.


08.00 – 08.10 Coffee & Welcome Mikkel Trym, Climate-KIC & Mali Hole Skogen, OREEC.
08.10 – 08.45 Introduction to the Investor landscape #I Nicolaj Højer Nilsen – author of ‘The Startup Funding Book‘.
08.45 – 09.05 What triggers me as investor? Silvija Seres

Investor, advisor and business developer

09.05 – 09.35 What triggers us as business angels? Jørn Lein Mathisen, BAN Norway & Thomas Berglund, Angel Challenge
09.35 – Coffee Break
09.45 – 10.05 What triggers our european angels? Hedda Pahlson-Moller, EBAN Impact (TBC)
10.05 -10.25 How do you get Cleantech Invest onboard? Tarja Teppo, Cleantech Invest
10.40 -11.00 Katapult Accelerator and Nordic Impact – how do you reach out? Nina Heir & Ida Faldbakken, Katapult Accelerator and Nordic Impact Investment
11.00 – 11.30 Investor landscape #II How do you approach

investors and what material do you need?

Nicolaj Høier Nielsen
11.30 – 12.00 Lunch