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Meet the green investors and the promising «clean-ups» and growth companies. Competent and experienced, green investors share knowledge about what they are looking for in a promising green growth company on stage and in match-making. How do Start-ups and Growth companies succeed with the commercialization phase and establish themselves as competitive in the market? We aim to give you valuable input and perspectives on this question.

Meet the Green Investors – Oslo Innovation Week 2018 Organizers: OREEC and Climate – Kic When: Monday, 24 September Oslo Innovation week 08:00 – 12:45 Where: MESH Language: English

«Green Capital» is a meeting place between growth companies and investors in the sustainability and renewables sector. The event aims to give investors and major industry companies an overview of «clean-ups» and contact with promising green growth companies in Norway and Europe.

The main objective of «Green Capital» is to trigger a greater part of the innovation potential in Norway by 1) Connecting large, capital-strong companies with smaller niche companies and growth companies, and 2) Connecting competent and experienced individuals with investment willingness with entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

07:30 Breakfast for champions

08:00 Welcome to «Green Capital» Oslo Innovation Week Edition by Mali Hole Skogen director, OREEC and Lars Gjømle, Climate Kic Norway

08:15 «Green investments and IP – creating and destroying values» Espen Sandvik and Andreas Nordby – partners Arntzen de Besche Law firm

08:30 Get to know the Global Business Angel Club by Steinar Hoel Korsmo CEO- Seed Forum

08:50 «What are we looking for?» Kristin Aamodt Managing Director Equinor Technology Ventures

9:10 Florence Korhonen Chairman, Nordic Female Business Angels Network (NFBAN).

09:30 Anders H. Lier Executive Chairman Nordic Impact

09:50 TBC

10:15 Silvija Seres President Polytechnic Association and assosiate partner in

10:45 – 12:45 Matchmaking Investors – Companies.

13:00 Oslo Innovation Week Official Opening Show at Oslo Rådhus (City Hall)