More than a hundred companies and researchers from all over Europe met potential partners at a circular economy matchmaking and conference in Oslo on September 19.

The event “Unlimited Opportunities in the Circular Economy” presented the latest policy news and introduced relevant forthcoming opportunities in the H2020 program and EEA grants program. Innovation Norway, The Research Council of Norway and the EEA and Norway Grants arranged the meeting, with OREEC participating as co-organizer.

Fully booked weeks ahead

«Circular economy is a hot topic in the EU and one of the cross-cutting areas in Horizon 2020, the European funding instrument for research and innovation. This was the background for the event », project manager Marianne Reime at OREEC explains.

OREEC mobilized participants by sharing information about the event aimed at companies and researchers developing new business models and value chains within the area of circular economy.

The event was fully booked weeks before the day of the conference where 125 European companies and researchers met to discuss projects and possibilities with potential partners.

Pål Jahre Nilsen presenterte selskapet CAMBI og deres teknologi for å lage biogass fra slam og organisk avfall.

Triple bottom line

The implementation of a circular economy in Europe represents a broad agenda for change. In the transition towards a circular economy, we see a triple bottom line: environmental gains, social benefits and economic gains. The circular economy will minimize waste generation, maintain value and boost competitiveness. The circular economy aligns both with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.

The European Commissions’ scenarios show that the circular economy will create 500 000 new jobs or up to two million jobs in a wider scenario. “This is why we will continue to work on the circular economy in OREEC. We want to figure out how and where we can contribute to creating many of those jobs in Norway. Already we have several projects running with strong partners in the Oslo region, as well as in Scandinavia. We have only seen the beginning», Marianne Reime says.

An excellent opportunity

The event was organized as one part seminar and one part matchmaking. Marianne has participated in several such matchmaking efforts, primarily with the goal of building new, exciting networks that can offer cooperation opportunities. Participating in this kind of organized matchmakings can be an interesting place to make business.

«An organized matchmaking session is a great opportunity to create visibility of your company with the chance to build relations with new potential partners. During the matchmaking in Oslo there were about 50 European and 60 Norwegian participants», Reime says.

Several OREEC partners such as CAMBI, BiomimicryNorway, IFE, NIFU, NILU and PURE Consulting, were signed up to participate. CAMBI, represented by Pål Jahre Nilsen, was also among the speakers invited to present case studies.

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